03-21-2017 CareWhen Website Revised Greater emphasis on time and labor savings Medicare Billing gets a front row seat in our revised website, along with Caregiver Mobile App and Electronic Visit Verification. The choice of these three capabilities was dictated by an efficiency study recently completed by August Systems, called Beyond Basic Scheduling.

The study shows that Medicaid home care agencies using these capabilities can save huge amounts of office work, speed up their billing, and get control of their receivables. The resulting time and labor savings not only pay for the software easily, but also position the agency for revenue growth.
02-15-2017 Beyond Basic Scheduling EVV is a winning bet for all agencies August Systems just completed a study of office efficiency in home care agencies. Since all established agencies use computerized scheduling today, the study looked at three advanced applications: Caregiver Mobile App, Electronic Visit Verification, and Medicaid Electronic Billing.

In terms of office efficiency, EVV and Electronic Billing were the big winners. EVV eliminates timesheet collection and entry, while electronic billing eliminates duplicate data entry into the State Medicaid website. All three applications deliver equally important other benefits besides efficiency, e.g. employee and customer satisfaction.

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