Don't let reduced compensation and
increased paperwork take their toll

As Medicaid budgets shrink and the demand for transparency grows,
you are asked to do more for less. Automation is your only solution.

Be sure to check out the Private Duty page.
All the information in it is equally applicable to Medicaid.


Total Solution for Medicaid Home Care

Automation is the answer to the worsening financial squeeze faced by Medicaid agencies.

CareWhen goes beyond basic scheduling with four time-saving functions that work hand in glove.

Cost Justification

The CareWhen total solution delivers three financial benefits.

  • Your claims get filed sooner.
  • All eligible visits are sent electronically to your state's Medicaid program.
  • Medicaid's Remittance Advice file is electronically posted into CareWhen.
  • The work associated with timesheets, claims processing, and remittance posting is eliminated.

We can project your savings using a computer model. Please call us at (509)468-2988 to get your projection.

There is no other web-based solution on the market that
combines scheduling and electronic billing.