The good news – bad news problem
of Private Duty home care agencies

The demand for care grows, but so does the shortage of caregivers.
Now you can gain both clients and caregivers.  Find out how 

Seeing that you are here…

We know you are looking for new Private Duty software. But, like many agency managers, you may not be 100% sure of what you want, or if you can afford it.

You will find lots of information here about CareWhen and its benefits to decide if that's what you want. If you need further information, all you have to do is call (509)468-2988.

When you call, we will give you an idea of how much CareWhen will cost and how much labor you could save. The savings invariably exceed the cost by a big margin. Large Medicaid agencies can save twice what they spend, and often more.

Remember, it all begins only if you call (509)468-2988.


Is this what you wonder?

Q: Our current software is doing the job. Do we really need new software?

Q: The cost of EVV is a direct hit to our margin. How can we afford it?

Q: How can labor reduction save real dollars? Our people's salaries are not going away.

Q: We are already working long hours. How much work is involved in switching to the new software?

Q: What makes CareWhen different from competitive software?


What We Mean by a Total Solution

  • Includes every function you need and more.
    See the complete list of functions 
  • Is easy and efficient in actual use.
    We have been doing this for over 20 years.
  • Is backed by expert training and support.
    Ask any client of August Systems.