A full featured, browser based solution for
managing Private Duty and Medicaid care.

Every capability you need is here. And all capabilities work together
to save you time and work, while improving your care quality.

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CareWhen Overview

CareWhen is a second-generation solution for managing home care.

  • Cloud based
  • Accessible from any internet connected device, using a web browser
  • Provides all conventional capabilities, e.g. scheduling, invoicing, and data export
  • Also provides advanced capabilities, e.g. mobile app for caregivers and GPS location detection

CareWhen Capabilities

NOTE: The basic CareWhen solution includes all of the capabilities listed in the sections below, except for those marked optional, e.g. Invoicing.

Scheduling and EVV

Learn more about scheduling and EVV capabilities 

Care Plans
Define care tasks for service offerings or individual clients. Caregivers can report on required tasks after each visit.

Smart scheduling
Assign visits by matching client needs to caregiver availability, skill, and other factors.

Geographic zones
Segment your service area. Assign visits by zone to minimize driving. Manage multiple offices as separate zones.

Full-cycle notification
Notify all eligible caregivers via texting when an assignment opens (so they can text right back) and when it closes.

ClockWork™ Visit verification
Create a permanent record of the actual clock in/out times for every visit.

ClockWork Task Reporting
Create a permanent record of task completions reported by caregivers.

ClockWork Late checks and alerts
Contact a caregiver if she/he does not clock in on time. Receive an alert if the caregiver fails to respond.

Field Communications

Learn more about field communications capabilities  

User Portals
Allow caregivers and clients to view their own information under security parameters set by you.

Caregiver Mobile App
Caregivers can view their schedule and clock in/out from client home using their smart phone.

Texting and phone mail
Communicate efficiently with clients and caregivers, creating an audit trail in the process.

User management
Define who can access to what information. Control logins.

Online tutorials
Make it easy for new users to learn CareWhen.

Reporting and Invoicing

Learn more about reporting and invoicing capabilities 

Agency dashboard
Get a quick summary of daily activity and open actions.

Invoicing (optional)
Generate accurate and detailed invoices with utmost flexibility.

Management reports
Generate a variety of business activity reports for any time period, complete with statistics.

Report download
Save management reports for offline use in PDF or Excel data format.

Data export
Export completed visits to your accounting software, e.g. Quick Books, for further processing.

Medicaid Billing

Learn more about medicaid billing capabilities 

Electronic Billing (optional)
Submit Medicaid claims electronically right from your home-care scheduling software. No additional data entry needed.

Auto-Post (optional)
Compare the electronic Remittance Advice supplied by Medicaid against your claims, to identify all unpaid claims.

Agency Information

Learn more about agency information capabilities 

Client Information
Store a variety of information about your clients, including their visit history.

Caregiver Information
Store a variety of information about your caregivers, including their work history.

Notes and reminders
Keep notes of conversations. Set reminders of due dates.

Electronic documents
Store scanned documents, e.g. licenses, for online access.