Never lose sight of the big picture

CareWhen can report information in a variety of formats
for billing, payroll, and business management purposes.

NOTE: The basic CareWhen solution includes all of the capabilities described here,
except for Invoicing, which is optional.

Agency Dashboard

The agency dashboard is the screen you see upon logging into CareWhen. Besides providing links to CareWhen functions, the dashboard gives you a business snapshot of past performance and future expectation.

Home Care Invoicing (Optional)

Generate invoices with total control over their content, format, and billing dates. You will never fail to bill a completed visit, or bill twice for the same visit.

Management reports

The list of reports CareWhen can generate is too long to include here. Besides, we keep adding new reports regularly. You will get a good overview of CareWhen's reporting capability by watching the video shown below.

View CareWhen reports video

Report Download

CareWhen's extensive summary reports become even more valuable when you use them offline. You can print them, save them on your computer, or analyze the numbers using Excel.

Here are some ways to use reports in different formats offline.

  • Print census reports to create employee or client directories.
  • Provide activity summaries to your accountant in CSV format.
  • E-mail a PDF to a staff member who does not have admin access.

Data Export

Export visits to your accounting software for billing and payroll. Direct data export eliminates data entry, prevents errors, and saves time.

Only the visits marked as completed are exported.

  • Two export formats are supported: IIF for QuickBooks, and CSV for other software.
  • You can set the date range to correspond with your billing/payroll cycles.
  • Once a visit is exported, it is not exported again.
  • If a visit is late in getting marked as complete, it can be picked up in the next billing/payroll cycle.

The export function eliminates four sources of billing/payroll errors.

  • Data entry errors
  • Billing or paying for visits notcompleted
  • Failing to bill or pay for completed visits
  • Billing or paying for visits more than once