CareWhen cost is easily offset by savings.
The care quality gain is a bonus.

Your exact cost depends on the options you choose and your usage rate.
Call us at (509)468-2988 for an estimate of cost and labor savings.


Subscription and Usage Fee

The cost of CareWhen has two components: monthly subscription and fee per visit.

The subscription entitles you to website access and customer support. Subscription for the basic CareWhen solution is $150 per month. Invoicing and billing options are additional.

The per-visit fee is charged against every visit you schedule, and includes visit verification. The actual amount depends on the number of visits purchased at a time. High volume users can expect to pay as little as 15¢ per visit.

Installation and Training

There is also a modest charge for initial installation and training.

Labor Savings

Agencies that use timesheets bear the expense of collecting and entering timesheet information into their billing and payroll software.

Electronic visit verification eliminates timesheets and speeds up billing. In our experience, the resulting labor savings pay for CareWhen many times over.

We have a computer program called Beyond Basic Scheduling that can estimate the average labor savings possible. Remember to ask us for your estimate.

Soft Benefits

While it's important to justify hard-dollar costs, you should not overlook the business benefit of improved client and caregiver satisfaction.